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The best thing about having creative friends is you can utilize their talents! One of my absolute best friends is an amazing artist named Bianca Flynn Sanders. Over the years I have seen her produce countless creations that have always captivated audiences. I feel so fortunate to have her featured on our parasols and we know people are going to love them as much as we do!

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The latest umbrella she has painted is a one of a kind octopus in beautiful golds and blues. When you look closely at the stunning details there are metallic flakes in the paint that illuminate in the sunlight. We wanted to find out about Bianca’s creative process so we asked her a few questions:

What was the inspiration behind The Kraken parasol?

I have always loved octopuses since I was in high school. They are highly intelligent creatures, and there is something mysterious about them. I grew up in Florida, and have always felt that the image of the octopus truly embodies the nautical lifestyle that is so prevalent in tropical places. Everything about the image of the octopus demands attention, so the person who purchases this particular painted parasol will certainly be the talk of the beach.. and it was so much fun to create!

Tell us about the process of painting a parasol..

The parasol is different to a canvas in the sense that it has its own curves and shape. The image that I paint must really play into that shape, and become part of the parasol. I need to discover a way to make these already gorgeous parasols, even more fabulous and intriguing. Every parasol is different, I start off with a concept and the details of that concept changes as I get more involved in the painting, almost as if the parasol takes on a life of its own.

Each parasol takes hours to paint. I use about 20 different shades of metallic, pearlescent, and vivid matte high quality fabric paints to paint each parasol. Before I begin the parasol I usually take fabric samples to test out the different color palates I plan on using for that particular palette.

There are literally no ways to correct a mistake once I use the paint on the fabric, because I cannot erase or paint over mistakes I have to be careful and precise. I also use a no-heat fixative that I mix into the paints, similar to a clear coat or spray fixative that you would use on any painting to keep it protected.

Painting each parasol is truly a journey, and I enjoy looking back on the process and how I got the finished product. There is something very exciting and satisfying knowing each brush stroke is irreversible, and I use that energy in each parasol to create something unique.

Can we expect more collaborations in the future and what would you like to paint next?

I am always thinking of ideas for new parasols. I have had fun painting a series of mermaids on a few parasols, which may be released soon! I would love to paint a sea shell parasol and a hibiscus parasol in the future. I also love the idea of something less traditional, like an alligator, crabs, or even some tiki faces! The creative team at Le Parasol have been wonderful to work with, and I hope to keep our collaborative juices flowing and create more of these one-of-a-kind parasols.

Le Parasol would like to thank Bianca for sharing her amazing talents. We encourage you to like and give us comments on our website, Facebook and Instagram.

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