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You've got questions and we've got answers!

Q- Where can I buy a parasol?

A- Currently we sell exclusively online, but look out for future updates about pop ups in your city!

Q- Can your umbrellas be worn the rain?

A- Although it would likely survive the rain it is not recommended and could ruin your umbrella. Le Parasol umbrellas are made exclusively for the sunshine.

Q- What happens if I need a repair?

A- Repairs do not happen often but when they do the solutions vary on a case by case basis. The spandex fabric is very forgiving and spots usually come off easily. In the case of a trim or embellishment becoming damaged you can send back your parasol to our studio where we will repair or possibly replace the item.

Q- How much sun protection do they provide?

A- Our product is intended to shade you but users should still take other necessary precautions when in the sunshine.

Q- Can I order a custom umbrella?

A- Yes! We will work with you to design the parasol of your dreams. In our design studio we have hundreds of different options for materials, trims and embellishments. We also design custom umbrellas for brides and their bridal party. Please contact us for further information.

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