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Le Parasol was founded in 2016 by Anna Hess in Delray Beach, Florida. Anna first became interested in parasols and started collecting them while traveling to New Orleans. She started creating her own more stylish versions and received a tremendous amount of positive feedback. Fast forward a little over a year later and her company Le Parasol is creating exquisite quality parasols that are stylish and protect you from the sun.



So much research and time has gone into perfecting our umbrellas and it is something we are genuinely passionate about. The history of the parasol dates back centuries and we are giving it a modern update. To understand how dedicated to quality we really are you can look right down to our frames which come from an Italian manufacturer who have a reputation of excellence. The frames that we use are extremely sturdy, light weight and beautiful. The design team makes frequent trips to New York City to buy our fabric, trims and embellishments. The relationships we have established in the garment district ensures that we get the best materials possible. Each one of our parasols is hand stitched here in our home state of Florida by employees with over 100 years collective experience in the fashion industry. 
Le Parasol owner Anna Hess

About Us

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